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Definition Any electronic media content (other than computer programs or system files), including text (language), audio recordings, images, videos, web pages, etc. A document may consist of several physical computer files.


Properties Type Description
id String A unique identifier associated with the document. [Required]
source String or URI The source of the document.
sourceType String or URI Source types include creator, distributor, contributor, publisher, etc.
encoding String or URI The physical or digital manifestation of the resource. Encoding may be used to determine the software, hardware or other equipment to display or operate the resource. Recommended best practice is to select a value from the list of Internet Media Types [ assignments/media-types/] defining computer media formats).
See also Dublin Core 4.13 Format
language String or URI A language of the intellectual content of the resource. Recommended best practice for the values of the Language element is defined by RFC 3066 [RFC 3066, rfc3066.txt] which, in conjunction with ISO 639 [ISO 639, http://www.oasis-]), defines two- and three-letter primary language tags with optional sub-tags. Examples include "en" or "eng" for English, "akk" for Akkadian, and "en-GB" for English used in the United Kingdom.
See also Dublin Core 4.15 Language

Properties from Thing

Properties Type Description
alternateName String An alias for the item.

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