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Definition A string of one or more characters that serves as an indivisible unit for the purposes of morpho-syntactic labeling (part of speech tagging).
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Properties Type Description
posTagSet String or URI The definition of the tag set used by the part-of-speech tagger.

Metadata from Annotation

Properties Type Description
producer List of URI The software that produced the annotations.
rules List of URI The documentation (if any) for the rules that were used to identify the annotations.
type String The value type of the annotations produced.


Properties Type Description
pos String or URI Part-of-speech tag associated with the token.
lemma String or URI The root (base) form associated with the token. URI may point to a lexicon entry.
tokenType String or URI Sub-type such as word, punctuation, abbreviation, number, symbol, etc. Ideally a URI referencing a pre-defined descriptor.
orth String or URI Orthographic properties of the token such as LowerCase, UpperCase, UpperInitial, etc. Ideally a URI referencing a pre-defined descriptor.
length Integer The length of the token
word String The surface string in the primary data covered by this Token.

Properties from Region

Properties Type Description
targets List of IDs IDs of a sequence of annotations covering the region of primary data referred to by this annotation. Used as an alternative to start and end to point to component annotations (e.g., a token sequence) rather than directly into primary data, or to link two or more annotations (e.g., in a coreference annotation).
start Integer The starting offset (0-based) in the primary data.
end Integer The ending offset (0-based) in the primary data.

Properties from Annotation

Properties Type Description
id String A unique identifier associated with the annotation. [Required]

Properties from Thing

Properties Type Description
alternateName String An alias for the item.

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