The LAPPS Web Service Exchange Vocabulary defines an ontology of terms for a core of linguistic objects and features exchanged among NLP tools that consume and produce linguistically annotated data. It is intended to be used for module description and input/output interchange to support service discovery, composition, and reuse in the natural language processing domain.

The Exchange Vocabulary is being developed bottom-up on an as-needed basis for use in the development of the LAPPS Grid. The Type Hierarchy below contains all of the elements for which specifications have been finalized so far. Detailed information is available by clicking on the relevant element. At the bottom of the page are some instructions for downloading the vocabulary.

LAPPS Exchange Vocabulary Type Hierarchy

Thing: alternateName
Annotation: id
Region: targets, start, end
Sentence: sentenceType
VerbChunk: vcType, tense, voice, neg
NamedEntity: category, type, gender
Date: dateType
Location: locType
Organization: orgType
Person: gender
Token: pos, lemma, tokenType, orth, length, word
Relation: label
GenericRelation: relation, arguments
SemanticRole: head, argument
Constituent: parent, children
Dependency: governor, dependent
Coreference: mentions, representative
PhraseStructure: constituents, root
DependencyStructure: dependencyType, dependencies
Document: id, source, sourceType, encoding, language

The vocabulary is available in the following formats:

The RDF/XML and JSON-LD versions can also be obtained by specifying the appropriate Accept header in the HTTP request:
curl -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml"

Creative Commons License The LAPPS Grid Vocabulary is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License .